Aryan Warriors Gang Leader Gets 20 Years

From: 8 NewsNow
Jan. 11th 2012
By Steve Kanigher

LAS VEGAS — Aryan Warriors prison gang leader Ronald “Joey” Sellers drew a 20-year prison sentence today after pleading guilty to a violent crime in aid of a racketeering offense, Nevada’s U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden said.

Sellers, 43,was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Kent Dawson. The judge ordered that the federal prison term be served consecutively to the life sentence Sellers is already serving in Nevada for the 1990 murder of a 7-11 store clerk in Reno.

Sellers and 13 other defendants were charged in 2007 with federal racketeering and drug conspiracy offenses related to their membership in the Aryan Warriors race-based gang, which operated inside and outside Nevada prisons. The gang offered protection to white inmates if they joined, and asserted control over other prisoners through violence and extortion. Gang members corrupted guards, extorted money and favors from prisoners’ family members, distributed illegal drugs, and ran extensive illegal gambling operations.

On Nov. 20, 2007, Sellers and co-defendant James Wallis attacked co-defendant Guy Almony with a knife while they were in federal custody at the North Las Vegas Detention Center. Sellers believed that Almony might undermine him and other Aryan Warriors defendants by cooperating with the government and testifying against them. Sellers stabbed Almony in the neck, causing life-threatening injuries to him. At today’s sentencing hearing, Sellers said he wasn’t remorseful for the attack on Almony, and declined any decrease in his sentence for pleading guilty.

Thirteen of the gang members charged in the 2007 case either pleaded guilty or were convicted following a seven-week trial in 2009. Two others pleaded guilty in related cases. All 15 were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences on racketeering, drug or assault charges.

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