ABC Nevada Prison Chapter: Still No Victories

From: Coyote-Calling Blog:

First and foremost, my most sincere greetings of solidarity and respects are extended to the poor, imprisoned and oppressed. My name is Coyote, I’m a serious Anarchist radical, confined and isolated in the infirmary of Nevada’s most notorious maximum security lock-up: Ely State Prison.

In 2007, I started up my own prison chapter of Anarchist Black Cross. Because of my efforts – and another comrade’s efforts – and due to the exposure of the blatant medical neglect here at ESP through the Rikers vs. Gibbons / ACLU lawsuits, a solid support structure for NV prisoners has begun to be erected. This includes the Nevada Prison Watch website that provides oversight of the NDOC;, which does the same; the Nevada Prison Newsletter, which I am now the co-editor of; and now the NV-CURE has been re-activated. Whereas before, NV prisoners had no outside resources to connect to, now we have these, so this is just the beginning of many things to come.

I have published zine after zine, all available from the S. Chicago ABC Zine Distro and also the Chicago ABC Zine Distro. Through my zines I have been able to reach many, many prisoners across the country, helping them to make the transformation from gangster to guerrilla, or from criminal to radical, and also showing them how to be active and organized while behind enemy lines. My zine “Starting Your Own ABC Prison Chapter” has been very influential to many prisoner activists who are trying to get themselves started. I have also been in collaboration (on the sly) with many prisoners in different states, helping them get organized where they’re at, showing them how to start up their own prison chapters, how to reach out to activists on the outs, how to reach out to prisoners where they’re at, etc.

Due to my efforts, and my resistance, here at ESP I have been able to flood this prison out with thousands of copies of all kinds of zines, radical literature and empowering reading materials. I have supplied hundreds of prisoners here with their own libraries and their own collections of literature, and they use these materials to not only raise their own consciousness, but also to raise the overall level of consciousness throughout this gulag. It has gotten to the point that there isn’t a tier/unit you can go to in this prison, where there aren’t at least 6 or 7 prisoners on each wing who have a good supply of zines and literature, most of which has come from me.

In January 2010, I started up a book drive for the ESP Library that lasted until May 2011, where people from all over the world had donated thousands of books to our library. When administration caught wind that an Anarchist radical was behind the whole thing, they hurried up and shut it down!!!

I have participated in mostly all of the riots, protests and demonstrations of resistance here at ESP, and have been accused by the pigs of being the main organizer of several of them. I have been placed on High Risk Potential status and labeled a ‘threat to the safety and security of the institution’, moved around from one hole to another every 30 days, which I have indeed used to my advantage to pass out literature, form alliances with other radicals, raise awareness, plant seeds and to organize.
Through my efforts I have been able to bring small numbers of enemy faction together, and unite prisoners across racial lines, to fight the true enemy. I have been a leader, a teacher, a comrade and a mentor to many of these youngsters here, regardless of their race, ethnicity, etc. Now there are many prisoners here at ESP who have become radicalized, and we now even have a handful of serious Anarchists here, all who have been taught and trained to be effective writers, propagandists, activists, leaders, teachers, and organizers, and some who are now in the process of starting their own collectives.

Because of my resistance to the stagnation and oppression of this everyday profane existence in this gulag, waking others up in the process, the warden has removed me from the rest of the prisoners, saying that I have “too much influence” over them, and placed me here in the infirmary to be isolated, until I am released. But even this has not stopped me.

Yes, I can proudly say that I’ve accomplished many things, have resisted all the way through, becoming a thorn in their side, but I claim no victories, because this prison still exists, we’re still locked down and treated like shit, still in the deathly hands of the enemy, and there are still many prisoners here who are unaware, asleep, afraid, or walking around ignorant and blind. There’s still much work to do, many battles still to be fought…

Still Striving for Real Victories

To send letters of encouragement and support, please write me at this address:
Coyote Sheff #55671
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89301-1989

Coyote’s beautiful, inspiring writings can be viewed on either of these sites:
1) Coyote Calling

Coyote’s zines can be obtained at either of these addresses (free to prisoners):

Chicago ABC
1321 N. Milwaukee Ave.
P.M.B. 460
Chicago, Illinois 60622

S. Chicago ABC Zine Distro
P.O. Box 721
Homewood, Illinois 60430


Updates on the ESP Bookdrive

As many of you know from the last Nevada Prisoners´ Newsletter, there is a major book drive in progress to help turn the E.S.P. Library into a Real Library! I cannot thank everybody enough for what they´ve been able to contribute so far! This is turning out to be a major event: people from all over the world have been donating all kinds of good educational and radical books! And there´s still much more to come!

So far, from what I know, this is what´s been going on with the Book Drive:
Our good companyera in The Netherlands has donated:
1)       Websters Pocket Dictionary
2)       The Prophet, by Khalil Gibran (hardback)
3)       Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
4)       Hinduism, by K. Sen
5)       The Rebellion of the Hanged, by B. Traven
6)       Teach Yourself Esperanto
7)       Dutch-English mini Dictionary
8)       The Autobiography of Malcolm X
9)       Introducing Psychology
10)   The Elements of Sufism
11)   Arundhati Roy: The God of Small Things
And I´m sure she´ll be sending more in the near future.
Someone in Ohio has donated 28 college text books!
They are:
1)       The complete home taxidermy
2)       The United States brief ed.
3)       Fluid Mechanics X2
4)       Harbrace College Handbook
5)       Performance Management
6)       Successful Manager´s Handbook
7)       Theory of Vibration &. Applications
8)       Different Equations – Modern Intro
9)       Dimensioning and Tolerancing
10)   Plane Trigonometry
11)   Chemical Principles in the Laboratory
12)   Solutions manual for Engineer in Training
13)   Engineer in Training Manual
14)   Calcius
15)   Fundamentals of Physics
16)   General Chemistry
17)   Numerical Mathematics and Computing
18)   Engineering Graphics Fundamentals
19)   Mathematical Methods
20)   Vector Mechanics for Engineering
21)   Essentials of Engineering Economics
22)   Introduction to Physical System Dynamics
23)   Thermodynamics
24)   Calcius and Analytic Geometry
25)   Statistical Quality Control Handbook AT&T
26)   Contemporary Economics
27)   Mechanical Engineering
28)   Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 
29) (the typist missed one)
A friend of mine in NC (Durham) has donated these 4 books:
1) Man walks into a room, by Nicole Krauss
2) Great House, by Nicole Krauss
3) The Duel and other stories, by Anton Chekhov
4) The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss
We have some more college text books coming from someone in PA, don´t know what they are yet. A volunteer organisation in Pittsburgh called Book´Em has donated a box of books to the E.S.P. Library, but we don´t know the names of the books they´ve sent. A friend of mine in Reno is going to donate a few books, one of those is “Days of war, nights of love” by Crimeth, Inc.
My comrade in S. Chicago, Anthony Rayson, is going to be donating some of his books, straight from his attic! My comrade in Austin, TX, who works with Inside Books Project will definitely be donating some books. Bound Together Books in San Francisco has donated 8 books. (I do not know the titles).
I´ve contacted: DC Prisons Book Project, Books thru Bars NYC, MD, and sent them all a copy of the ESP Book Drive flyer asking them to donate books, I´ve gotten books from each of these places in the past, so I´m sure they´ll help again. A friend of mine here in Ely State Prison has his lady in L.A. contacting different activists and organizations, trying to get a book drive going in L.A. for our library. So that´s going to be huge!
Another friend of mine here in ESP his lady in Reno is in contact with Truckee Meadows Community College, the Reno Public Library, and the Literacy Project, all who are going to be donating books to our library! So that´s huge!
I have a friend in Oakland who is supposed to be donating a box of books to our library. I know one of those books is “Ojiba Warrior” by Dennis Banks. This is actually one of my favourite books, it´s about how the A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) got started, it´s very good!
I personally donated 5 of my own books, they are:
1) Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy, by John Watson
2) Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles MacKay
3) Herbal Magick: a Witch´s Guide to Herbal Enchantments, Folklore, and Divinations, by Gerina Durwich
4) The Depression Book: Depression as an Opportunity for Growth
5) Prisoners Diabetes Handbook: a Guide to Managing Diabetes – for Prisoners by Prisoners (Southern Poverty Law Center).
Also a place in Chapel Hill, NC called Internationalist Prison Books Collective is donating books to us, and a place in Wisconsin called Samizdat Socialist Prisoners Project is donating books to our library. I don´t know what books yet!
The E.S.P. Book Drive flyer is posted on: Craig´s List, Twitter, Facebook,,, Infoshop, Las Vegas Indymedia, facebook and many other sites, calling on people to donate books! So we will definitely be getting tons of books sent in. The E.S.P. Library will soon be the best prison library in the nation! This is a major event and will definitely provide prisoners here with unlimited educational opportunities. Those who want to use this time to learn, grow and elevate themselves on higher levels of knowledge and consciousness will now have the opportunity to do just that! Remember only a piece of shit destroys or steals these library books, so don´t be a piece of shit, let everybody get a chance to read these books, because this cause is for everybody!
These are just some of the books from some of the people and places that I know of for sure. But I also know that various prisoners here at ESP have called on their friends and families to donate books. This book drive is still going until Ms Thiel says she doesn´t have room for any more books! 
Then we will take the flyers down off all the sites and let everybody know it´s over. But this is something we should try to do every 5 years or so, keep that in mind. Also just so everybody knows, the library here at ESP will accept hardbacks, paperbacks, new, used or old books. The only books they won´t accept are spiral bound books. The more hardbacks the better, because they will last longer in this library considering the fact that they´re harder to steal and harder to damage, so call on your people to send as many hardbacks as they can! We want educational books, non-fiction, radical books, political books, biographies and good fiction novels. Our mission is to turn the ESP Library into a real library!
Also, one more thing before I close this. There is someone in Chicago who works for the Midwest Books for Prisoners bookstore, and he says that there´s a library in Chicago that throws library books away by the dumpster-full! The good thing is he has access to all of those books! The bad news is he has no money to ship them to us! We need those books! Those books belon gin our library. I´ve tried to get a stamp drive going on my unit, but only one person besides myself was willing to donate any stamps. Most dudes want to read those books, but they don´t want to pitch in to help get these books sent in, it´s a damn shame! But together, me and the other comrade on my tier have pitched in $25 instamps to send to the guy in Chicago so he can ship as many library books to our library as he can. I´m calling on all those who read this, all those who care, to send whatever extra stamps you have to:
Chris, Chicago ABC
1321 N. Milwaukee Ave,
P.M.B. 460
Chicago, IL 60622
Be sure to let him know that those stamps are specifically for the ESP Book Drive in NV, so he can ship as many library books as he can to the ESP Library on behalf of the book drive. Chris is my comrade and he can be trusted. It´s important that we help out so that we can all take advantage of this opportunity! Sitting here on perpetual lockdown aint no joke, but we can turn a bad situation into an opportunity for growth and progression, I know everybody ain´t gonna be on that, but for the ones who are, I´m asking you to do what you can to help out.
Also, anybody who has any other updates in regards to this book drive, we would all be happy to hear about whatever news you have about what books are being sent in, etc. Feel free to write in to NPN and give us your updates, to be published in the next newsletter (NPN, Box 20494, Phoenix, AZ 85036).
Thanks for your participation and support!

PS books can be sent in to:
White Pine County School District
Mountain High School
Attention: Ms. Thiel / E.S.P. Library Donations
1135 Avenue C
Ely, Nevada 89301

Solidarity and Respects,
Anarchist Black Cross, Nevada Prison Chapter