Prison officials to evaluate state’s youngest inmate

This article is from the Reno Gazzette Journal, thanks to FFIP for emailing it to us. We think that someone aged 13-18 is a child and ought not to be housed in adult prison, nor should a child receive a life sentence.
We wonder how much is true of HDSP “educating” these youngsters other than GED.

When Jose Cruz, 13, was sentenced Friday to a life term in prison related to the Mother’s Day killing of a Reno man, he became the state’s youngest inmate — as well as being its youngest convicted murderer in recent history.

Cruz is expected to be taken to prison within the next few days after being sentenced for Steve Gale’s second-degree murder during a four-hour armed robbery spree with three, adult co-defendants.

The title of youngest Nevada Department of Corrections inmate had gone to 16-year-old Jose Salamanca, who was convicted in March in Clark County for voluntary manslaughter with the use of a deadly weapon.

Steve Suwe, corrections spokesman, said when Cruz arrives in the prison system, he will likely go through a classification period — typically three weeks — where officials will determine where he will be placed. On Friday, prison officials were not yet sure where he would go.

“We have to wait to evaluate him and see how he handles himself and the interaction with other inmates,” he said.

Inmates 18 and younger are usually housed at the High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs. In that facility, the focus is on education, life skills and substance abuse.

There are currently 222 males and 10 females in the NDOC who are younger than 19, Suwe said. Thirty-three inmates are either 16 or 17.

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