From KTNV: ESP: Officials: Prison administrator attacked by inmate

Officials: Prison administrator attacked by inmate – KTNV ABC,Channel 13

Updated: Mar 08, 2011 5:40 AM

ELY, Nev. (AP) — A Nevada state prison official says an administrator at the maximum-security prison in Ely was attacked and critically injured in a kitchen scuffle with an inmate.

State prisons spokesman Kevin Ingram in Las Vegas told The Associated Press the attack occurred after noon Monday in a kitchen pantry.

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This is a very sad and bad event. The prison is on `lockdown`, according to the article, but ESP was on lockdown already for years, except for one or two units.

Of course we do not know the whole story.

Let´s hope it will not be used as an excuse to secure more restrictions, but that it is the start of making the place much safer for workers and prisoners alike. We hope an independent investigation will tell us why this happened and what can be done to ensure safety for all, and prevent other attacks from happening by constructing a humane and safe environment for all.

Constructive programs would be one part of helping stop mounting frustration from happening. Overcrowding is another issue that needs to be stopped. Medical care needs to be given. It seems clear that the extreme restrictions at ESP are not working to prevent these tragedies from happening.
We hope for healing and better conditions for all.