Retaliation again: punishing those who litigate for better conditions inside the prisons (HDSP)

James Wardell in High Desert State Prison is a regular contributor to this blog, and we at NPW would call him a supporter of social ethics, decency and humanity.
These are characteristics that are not often appreciated by those who keep people chained.

Here is another sorrowful episode of the hatred created by an overcrowded and hateful, badly managed prison:

January 6th 2011

I have been in the shower in hand-cuffs. The C.E.R.T. team (those in black uniforms) were in my cell for over an hour trying to find papers, and anything I guess to use against me.

They took my radio, one full box of my legal stuff and my head phones.

Officer Oliver of CERT told me his boss (warden Baca) told him to come tear up my house, find me something.

Then they moved me to unit 3-D-#34. They took all my pens, paper, my legal box, all kinds of stuff to mess with me, I´m sure the issue over my statutory time also rattled his cage. So now they will try to take more days from me to force me to stay longer, I´m sure.

The investigator was here at 5:30 AM to look at what I wrote about the dirty showers (black mold). Maybe they messed with me because of that visit of the Inspector?

Under perjury of NRS 208.165 I hereby declare my statement is true and correct. And that I´m still being retaliated against by warden Baca over being vocal of prison conditions.
Dated this 6th day of January 2011, signed: James Wardell.