What is truth? – part 1

Perfect Salutes!
Comrades, I compose this dissertation with hopes of it igniting the flames of aspiration in the hearts, the minds and the spirits of those of you reading this zine.
What is the truth?
The truth is what we all strive towards obtaining. It is the ultimate goal, and the key to every door in life.
Through the truth, we as a people going through the harsh reality of the struggle are able to expose the injustices, the brutalities, the oppression, and the dehumanizing going on around this prison in Nevada and other prisons around the world. And it doesn´t stop there! We can expose the same conditions of misconduct in our communities as well.
Truth brings about a conscious order, and brings “confusion” to its mercy. However, seeing as we all have our own individual uniquenesses, so too do we all have an individual truth, and this individual truth determines our morals, our values, and our principals.
So, in essence our truth is our foundation. It´s the quality which makes us innate men and women of order.
The never dying curiosity we possess to experience new things in the cycle of life, is what enables us to add to our Truth as we grow and mature. What was once foggy becomes a vividly clean picture. I call it: “The Portrait of Infinite Perception.”
Nevertheless, when the truth is tampered with, it becomes an agent of deception and manipulation, so be careful of the wolves in sheep clothing. Guard your truth. Yet share it with those around you who are (in your eyes) good brothaz, sistaz and comrades. We must be adamantly in quest for a higher understanding of self and the truth.
However, there´s a truth behind the truth! 1) There is the “Truth” we were taught, which was really based upon society standards. And then behind it, 2) there is the Truth we learned through bloodshed, tears, Struggle, History and Sacrifice! Take a look at the conditions of the world; look at the state it´s in! Man, the Government is for the Government; the system is for the system. SO we must be for us by adopting the methods of “one breath, one struggle,” for we can obtain victory by acknowledging the truth and embracing it.
If not for us, then for who?
Truly Composed,
In Solidarity, Respect and Luv!!
The Silent One, aka The Active One
Growth, Progress and Prominent Change
For letters of any kind please write:
S. Alexander Perry, Jr #84203
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301
Note: I´m unable to receive letters directly from brothaz & sistaz on lock, but if it´s a will it´s a way

Support the struggle for human rights in Georgia prisons

By Ikemba S. Mutulu, SF Bay View
January 12, 2011

I’d like to offer this word of support to the convicts and comrades out in them Georgia dungeons doing your thing. As word comes out about the inhumane conditions there, it’s important we all stand in solidarity with these men. To recognize and demand one’s own humanity is to simultaneously acknowledge and stand in unison for the human rights of all peoples.

The state will make every excuse to deny this systematic pattern of abuse and corruption in the prisons. They will try to criminalize our protests as riots and our self defense against their brutality as unprovoked attacks on them.
So it is vital for loved ones and supporters on the outside to witness as much as possible, get as many first hand accounts as possible and report it to the people.

And we on the inside must continue the struggle, educating one another and doing what is necessary to make our voices heard. The young brothers there said, “Know your rights.” And I would add, “Know your worth.”

Message from a prisoner in Georgia

by Zak Solomon, Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights

This email was sent Tuesday, Jan. 11 (texted in several segments):
“As salamu alaikum. Brother, I am known as a Freedom Fighter. I am a Muslim incarcerated in the Georgia prison. I am at one of the prisons that were locked down in December. Many injustices are happening here.

“Since the beatings of inmates with hammers by corrections staff, another approach by staff is taking place. Instead of the staff themselves beating inmates, they are allowing the so called gang bangers and so called thugs to do it and then they compensate them in some fashion, as well as protect them from disciplinary action.
“If you would like to contact me about this, please feel free to do so. I am working with as many outside organizations as possible. For the safety of my life and fear of retaliation by staff, please keep my identity and phone info confidential. As salamu alaikum.”
(Photo: In retaliation for organizing the Georgia prison strike, Miguel Jackson was pepper sprayed, handcuffed and beaten with hammers, resulting in a fractured nose and 50 stitches to his face, and guards tried to throw him over the railing from the second floor, his wife said. – Photo courtesy of the Final Call.)

After discussion with members and affiliates of the Concerned Coalition, it seems that the best response we can take at the moment is to call Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, at (404) 656-1776.

Deal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_Deal) is an anti-immigrant former prosecutor and has little concern for the prisoners’ rights or their safety. Short of going out to Georgia, shutting down his phone lines appears to be the most effective way to let him know the world is watching.

We are in the process of putting together a call-in campaign, where different cities commit to shutting down the governor’s office’s phone lines on consecutive days – until the 37 disappeared prisoners’ status and whereabouts are released and good faith negotiations with CCRPR on the prisoners’ demands have begun.

If you are willing to help organize the call-in campaign, please reply to Zak Solomon, zsol13@gmail.com. No in-person meetings will be required. Please share this information.

Retaliation again: punishing those who litigate for better conditions inside the prisons (HDSP)

James Wardell in High Desert State Prison is a regular contributor to this blog, and we at NPW would call him a supporter of social ethics, decency and humanity.
These are characteristics that are not often appreciated by those who keep people chained.

Here is another sorrowful episode of the hatred created by an overcrowded and hateful, badly managed prison:

January 6th 2011

I have been in the shower in hand-cuffs. The C.E.R.T. team (those in black uniforms) were in my cell for over an hour trying to find papers, and anything I guess to use against me.

They took my radio, one full box of my legal stuff and my head phones.

Officer Oliver of CERT told me his boss (warden Baca) told him to come tear up my house, find me something.

Then they moved me to unit 3-D-#34. They took all my pens, paper, my legal box, all kinds of stuff to mess with me, I´m sure the issue over my statutory time also rattled his cage. So now they will try to take more days from me to force me to stay longer, I´m sure.

The investigator was here at 5:30 AM to look at what I wrote about the dirty showers (black mold). Maybe they messed with me because of that visit of the Inspector?

Under perjury of NRS 208.165 I hereby declare my statement is true and correct. And that I´m still being retaliated against by warden Baca over being vocal of prison conditions.
Dated this 6th day of January 2011, signed: James Wardell.