High Desert State Prison (HDSP) News

Sent in to us on 10-24-10 by an inmate at HDSP:
An update on this post.

Units 5 A/B and 5 C/D are now Level 4 housing units.
Units 6 A/B and 6 C/D are Level 3.

Level 4 only gets showers every 3 days. No yard, no day room, no phone, no appliances.
It´s worse than the hole (disciplinary lock-up).

There were two incidents (Oct 13th 2010, we believe – ed.) where live rounds were fired, inmates injured due to racial riots among Whites-Mexicans-Blacks.

Tensions are high, weapons were used and things don´t look good.

The prison staff don´t seem to realize that inmates need jobs plus education or some sort of activity to utilize their time, or situations such as this will only get worse.

They need to start a program like California has called the M.A.C. (Man & Con) Program, it allows us to have an inmate Advisory Board set up to work with staff to help better overall conditions.

But warden Neven and Baca don´t want to act upon or care about what inmates need, their poor leadership is pushing the prison into a war zone and pretty soon it´s gonna get to a breaking point that no one will be able to overcome its fall-out.