In Loving Memory of Nolan Klein, who was Wrongfully Convicted

Nolan Klein passed on September 20, 2009, in prison before his compassionate release was implemented.

Tonja Brown, Nolan´s sister, is asking for a Grand Jury investigation, for Nolan’s conviction to be overturned, and for them to be prosecuted and disbarred for conspiring to conceal a crime.

Oral arguments for Tonja’s Writ of Mandamus are set for September 30, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. in Washoe County District Court, Judge Flanagan.

Please visit the website to read about this case of innocence and the blunders and purposeful misconduct leading to a man innocently convicted.

Please also note the law that has been created to prevent future (or current) misconducts and failures in the judicial system in Nevada:

NOLAN’S LAW: Once a defendant is arrested and charged with a crime, the law enforcement agency MUST provide the Accused/Defense Counsel with a copy of all Materiality/Exculpatory evidence at the same time the prosecution receives it.
Then it will be left up to the Court to decide what is or is not admissible for trial. Any additional Materiality/Exculpatory evidence that is provided to the prosecution MUST be simultaneously provided to the Accused/Defense Counsel.