In Loving Memory of Nolan Klein, who was Wrongfully Convicted

Nolan Klein passed on September 20, 2009, in prison before his compassionate release was implemented.

Tonja Brown, Nolan´s sister, is asking for a Grand Jury investigation, for Nolan’s conviction to be overturned, and for them to be prosecuted and disbarred for conspiring to conceal a crime.

Oral arguments for Tonja’s Writ of Mandamus are set for September 30, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. in Washoe County District Court, Judge Flanagan.

Please visit the website to read about this case of innocence and the blunders and purposeful misconduct leading to a man innocently convicted.

Please also note the law that has been created to prevent future (or current) misconducts and failures in the judicial system in Nevada:

NOLAN’S LAW: Once a defendant is arrested and charged with a crime, the law enforcement agency MUST provide the Accused/Defense Counsel with a copy of all Materiality/Exculpatory evidence at the same time the prosecution receives it.
Then it will be left up to the Court to decide what is or is not admissible for trial. Any additional Materiality/Exculpatory evidence that is provided to the prosecution MUST be simultaneously provided to the Accused/Defense Counsel.


A Message to the Young Soldiers

A message to the young soldiers trying to maintain their existence in these dungeons:

Keep it real, not because the realness in you and the realness in all that you do will certainly shine through and will be embraced, felt and recognized by all that’s true and will come back and shine on you in a good light – which is all true – but be real, because that’s who and what you are and because that’s the only way to be!

Be true to yourself and to all those who are true to you. Keep your head on straight, listen and learn. Soak up knowledge, try to apply it when you can, and
always strive to heighten your awareness on all things significant. Keep that love for life beating strongly in your unbreakable heart and always strive to reach greater heights.

Purge fear and embrace experience, because it’s through our experiences in life that we gain insight. Learn from your mistakes, and most importantly, from the mistakes of others. Cultivate yourself by recognizing your flaws and striving to turn them into strengths, and by rooting out your insecurities. Stay sharp like the razor-wire that contains you; like a samurai’s sword. Remember that everything isn’t always what it appears to be (actions speak louder than words), so be an avid seeker of truth and consciousness. Be open, but reserved. Be ready, but restrained. Be observant, but silent (loose lips sink ships). Don’t whine, cry or complain about your unfortunate situations, but have fortitude instead. Be considerate. Be mindful. Always be respectful of the comrades who have been putting it down way before you ever came on to the scene.

Stay focused, goal orientated and be bold (but not stupid). Keep your heart set on trueness, and your mind on things that are realistic and on things that matter. Use this time as an opportunity to grow and learn. Come to know yourself, your enemy, pain, struggle, love and hate and learn from all these things.
Life is real, never forget that!

But the most important message I want to tell you is this:
When you can find self-gratification and satisfaction in your own achievements and within yourself, you don’t need to look for it in others. You don’t need other people to assure you that you’re hard, or that you’re real, or any of that. You have
to set standards for yourself and try to achieve them (whether you fail or succeed, the only person who needs to know, is you), never being satisfied, always raising the bar higher and higher. That’s how you grow, excel and become stronger and more self-aware. If you’re just doing shit to show others what you’re made of, then you’re not real homie.

Until it’s time to step onto “the battlefield’, the only person who needs to know that you’re a “H.C.M.F.” (Hard Core Mutha Fucka!) is you!!!

Solidarity and respects,

From Coyote´s latest Zine: High Risk Potential (2010)

A sad day: Detention center to open in Pahrump Oct. 1

How sad, a society that has its hopes on a prison for an economic stimulus. Another prison town is born. Prisons cost money and lives. We hope the people who need jobs will find good, worthwhile work elsewhere, and not in a prison setting. Do we really need a prison for our jobs? Wake up, Nevada.

Monday, September 13, 2010
Detention center to open in Pahrump Oct. 1
Business owners hope facility can boost economy
Las Vegas Business Press

PAHRUMP — Business owners hope they have found a stimulus for the town’s battered economy behind barbed wire.

On Oct. 1, the Nevada Southern Detention Center is scheduled to be ready to take its first inmates, mainly defendants awaiting federal trial in Las Vegas. Developer and operator Corrections Corp. of America has nearly finished hiring the full staff of 234 and has worked to entrench a friendly image by staging job fairs and chaperoning tours for chamber of commerce members.

“I think it will help,” said Tim Hafen of Hafen & Hafen Realty. “The people that are going to work there are going to need to find houses. The housing market we’re in can use anybody.”

Corrections Corp. managers push several numbers front and center:

• Nearly half of those hired already live in Pahrump

• Only two out of a sample group of 30 will commute from Las Vegas; for the 28 others, the company estimates their annual spending at about $600,000

• As a for-profit entity, it will pay $810,000 a year in property taxes

“With all the new jobs, I think it gives a little ray of hope to businesses to hang on for a while,” town manager William Kohbarger said.

The town’s $105,000 share of the taxes could mean the difference between maintaining the town’s current work force or instituting layoffs, he said. This year, the town had to cut $564,000 in spending to balance its $4.6 million budget.

Others, however, have yet to see much help on the horizon. About a month ago, Mary Ann Wiberg, owner of Pahrump Valley Roasters, said she received a call from Corrections Corp. asking her for price quotes. She said she couldn’t give any because the company representative did not specify what he wanted, although he promised to call her back.

“Nobody ever got back to me,” said Wiberg, who sells roasted coffee beans. “For me, it’s a wait-and-see thing. I haven’t heard a whole lot about what’s going on there.”

Norma Jean Opatik, who owns Action Realty, thinks it will take at least a year to see whether the detention center — many locals quickly correct people who call it a prison — will affect the economy. For example, she cannot calculate whether the housing occupied by employees will offset the vacancies created by people who moved out because of the facility.

“It’s hard to say what will happen at this stage,” Opatik said. “If, in fact, it does create jobs, it would help because there is no industry here.”

Michelle Phillips, a independent website designer, said she had not heard of any locals getting jobs at the detention center despite Corrections Corp.’s numbers.

“It’s not going to help with the economy any because the people they are hiring are from California,” she said. “The only thing it’s going to bring is unsavory characters.”

Read more here.

Shelved prison project irks NV lawmakers

From: Las Vegas Sun

The Associated Press
Friday, Sept. 10, 2010 | 10:27 a.m.

Nevada lawmakers are frustrated that $500,000 was been spent to design a prison project that won’t be built.

The 2009 Legislature approved $7.8 million to convert space at the High Desert State Prison in Clark County into a medical unit. It was described as a high priority by Corrections Director Howard Skolnik.

But the Las Vegas Sun reports Corrections Director Howard Skolnik told a legislative subcommittee Thursday that given the state’s budget crisis, there will be no money to staff it.

He also says the inmate population has held steady, eliminating the need for the medical unit.

The subcommittee agreed to abandon the project than spend $7 million for construction.

Letter to Director Skolnik

Sent to Nevada Prison Watch:

June 27th, 2010

Jeremy Allen Crozier #77906
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301

Howard Skolnik, Director
Nevada Department of Corrections
Administrative Offices
P.O. Box 7011
Carson City, NV 89702

Director Skolnik,

As you are probably well aware, I have written to you numerous times over the previous year to bring several legitimate issues to your attention concerning the Nevada Department of Corrections, and especially Ely State Prison. Again I remind you that before I have ever said one word against your staff, or filed a civil suit, I fought just as hard against the inmates. You may remember that it was I who wrote to you with my recommendations, which lead to AR #733, which limited the privileges for Disc. Seg. inmates. Now, I would like to make my case against administrative staff at Ely State Prison, and I hope that you will keep an open mind. I know that no one likes it when their staff are called into question, but as an intelligent man, I´m sure that you will agree with my assessment of the situation, and see the wisdom behind my recommendations.

I am sure that you are well aware of some of the incidents coming out of Ely State Prison, but I don´t believe that you have ever taken the time to take the situation at Ely State Prison in its full context given the nature of your job, busy schedule, budget concerns, and other state related issues. I completely understand your position, but it is time to address this issue in full.

Ely State Prison, as a hard-hit fact in the previous twelve (12) months, has had more issues that compromise the security and safety of the institution, staff and inmates than any other two (2) institutions in the Nevada Department of Corrections combined.

Issues that are now affecting Nevada State taxpayers who are outraged. Last week´s 2.3 million dollar IFC (Interim Finance Committee) granted overtime funds for prison officers´ overtime pay put the Nevada taxpayers over – the – top. Probably because they were on the hook for $325.000,00 for the ACLU Riker v. Gibbons civilsuit settlement, when Nevada tax payers are already facing a three (3) billion dollar 2011 fiscal budget shortfall, which is 50 % of Nevada State total budget.

That should have been enough to terminate Ely State Prison administration staff, but you choose not to do so. I will list other reasons that Ely State Prison administration needs to be fired promptly for just the previous twelve (12) months.

One, a record number of lawsuits was filed against the Nevada Department of Corrections in 2009, which Ely State Prison accounts for 94.6 % of all of the lawsuits filed in 2009. That should be a major red-flag for you that something is not running right in Ely. We are not talking about the usual crybaby I had my feelings hurt civilsuit either. Some of the civilsuits include, inmate grievance procedure deficiencies, which will allow all those years worth of medical grievances from the Riker v. Gibbons case to come back into play, and a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the inmate who died due to refusal of medical care at Ely State Prison. Fact, Ely State Prison administration staff must be held accountable, and terminated immediately. How long do you plan on allowing tine Nevada taxpayers to suffer?

Two, Ely State Prison administration staff have no control over their officers, and are disrespected by their officers often. Let´s look at recent incidents, inmates engaged in a riot in unit #4 on January 31, 2010. During which, numerous officers were fired because of excessive force, exceeding the scope of their authority, one officer was stabbed (Stubbs /S/40), many inmates severely injured during cell extractions that was never authorized, lawsuits filed. Lieutenant Matt Mennex lied, saying, “A.W.O. Debra Brooks authorized the cell extractions,” and state property destroyed. Do you think inmates just decided one day to throw a riot for the hell of it, or staff just decided on the same day to shed their professional discipline? No… no… you have way too many years working at the Nevada Department of Corrections to believe that.
That incident was overdue; although wrong, from years of Ely State Prison staff and inmates having no discipline, or direction from administration staff here.

Fact is, Ely State Prison administration staff has no control over the staff, nor inmates. The fact that a lieutenant and A.W.O. (Assistant Warden of Operations) were arguing and lying on each other stands out to me, and it should be a red flag for you as well because that shows how little control, discipline, and professionalism is at the management level at Ely State Prison. I think you need more argument as to just how far the shit goes at Ely State Prison and you know me, I´ll give it.

Recently, S. C.O. Barry was terminated for having sex with an inmate in his cell. You know what I find funny? S.C.O. Barry could not open the cell door, and close it on her arm/hand with a key. That means another officer had to have opened and closed the cell door for S.C.O. Barry from the control bubble. The only other officer working that night was C.O. Peeler. The same two (2) officers every night. Yet, C.O. Peeler still has his job here.

You know why C.O. Peeler is still working here? He is part of the “Good ol´boys club” of warden E.K. McDaniel. How about another example of the “Good ol´ boys club.” C.O.I. Jessica Bennett, formerly known as Jessica Balen was terminated on February 25, 2010, for failure to make her probation penal three (3) weeks away from completing her probation period. The reason, she accidentally walked out to the parking lot while she had the food slot key clipped to her utility belt. An incident that has occurred at Ely at least two-dozen times, and nobody has ever been terminated. Nor has there been any other terminations at any other prison despite the same incidents occurring several times. Jessica Bennett immediately turned the key in, accepted full responsibility, and apologized. That was how she was caught. As you know, the food slot key is not vital to the security and safety of the institution. That´s why officers carry that key around inmates.

Six (6) weeks later, C.O.I. Marrow lost his handcuff key in the housing unit. Three (3) units were searched and the key was never found until this very day. A key very vital to the security and safety to the institution, but he maintained his job thereafter. Good ol´ boys club. This shows there is no control, discipline, nor professionalism at Ely even when it comes to security and safety to the institution, and it shows favoritism on the part of Ely administration staff.

Caseworker Little, terminated for bringing in a cellphone for an inmate she was having sex with; c.o. Chris Arias, terminated for bringing in a radio for an inmate; c.o. Karosko sent to Tonopah after being stabbed for abusing an inmate, and these are only major incidents that were caught. The question before you is multiple prong:

1) How many more incidents were not caught?
2) How many went unreported due to the Good Ol´Boys Club?
3) Why are so many incidents occurring?
4) Why is Ely State Prison operating under the “Wild West Laws”?

Fact is, administration staff at Ely State Prison are not qualified, uncontrolled by you, and don´t care. They know that there has never been any consequence for them and their actions. A message you sent again by allowing the Nevada Taxpayers pay the price for medical denial, loss of life and malpractice, and not them. Hell, Debra Brooks, AWO was found unfit for duty by the courts after the Fuentes report. Lucky the courts could not terminate her.

Fact is, and there is no way around it, either the wardens at Ely State Prison knew what was going on and choose to do nothing, or they were grossly negligent and didn´t know and choose to remain blind to what was happening. Either way, that is immediate grounds for termination because all three wardens are unfit for duty in the Nevada Department of Corrections. It is time for you to send a clear and loud message to all Department staff. I recommend the following:

Warden Eldon K. McDaniel; A.W.O. Debra Brooks; A.W.P. Renee Baker be immediately terminated. H.D.S.P. has two (2) wardens (Nevins, Verra), which is not needed. Warden Nevins be transferred back to Ely based on his years working here before. Warden Verra take over all H.D.S.P. Given the Budget problems, the moves with the wardens saves the Department one warden´s pay scale. Tens of thousands of dollars. I recommend Kay Ellen Weiss with over 17 years of experience with the NDOC for the AWO job at Ely. She is a former Correction Officer and now a caseworker, and therefore, has both sides of the Department – administrative and corrections experience.

For the AWP (Assistant Warden of Programs) position at Ely, I recommend Mark Drain. Former corrections sergeant and now caseworker at ESP. Perfect for the job due to his experience. Especially, when it comes to AWP required classifications and inmate related incidents. His experience as a corrections sergeant means that he has been in the trenches and knows all too well inmate schemes and games.

You can make all that happen on your own accord, and with a phone call. Not only would you save the NDOC money, but you would send a clear message to all NDOC staff that you will not tolerate the shit, and most important, save the tax payers money and put them back at ease. You won´t want to be targeted by them for long.

As an inmate at Ely State Prison, that makes me the upmost authoritative voice between you and I on what happens here. Know that I only touched on a fraction of the shit, and I am eight pages in already. We are talking a book should I list them all. My recommendations are based on education and experience with an M.B.M. from the Upper Iowa University, and as a former Lieutenant in the Army Rangers. You need to immediately take control.

Signed: Jeremy Crozier

PS Given that Eldon K. McDaniel and his fearless bunch unauthorized my food according to NDOC forms, and all my legal work in the middle of several of my court cases, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the US Marshals to investigate. I will be filing a Civilsuit on this as well. Just two men talking in a room and nothing more. It would minimize your responsibility altogether if you terminate E.K. McDaniel, Debra Brooks, Renee Baker and show the courts you took immediate action.