In this Wretched World

In this wretched world of darkness and despair it’s the codes that we live by that separate the real from the fake, and it’s the actions we carry out and the good deeds we do that define us and solidify our respect to that code.

Those who work against us and against the solidarity of what we believe, especially when working in cooperation with those who keep us captive and oppressed, are not only considered to be fakes, but are also counter-productive to the survival of our comradery and are therefore unworthy of our recognition.

“Solidarity”, not only the word, but also the idea is nothing but a dwindling memory of something that used to be, once upon a time, long ago. And we who hold on so tightly to the integrity of what once was, are of a dying breed. In this wretched world of foulness and deterioration we will surely find ourselves outnumbered and surrounded and persecuted by the foul and the fake, and because we hold on so vigorously to what we believe, taking direct action against all that is counterproductive and detrimental to the realness of our lives, we will do most of our time on “lock down”, enduring all kinds of torment, suffer and psychological oppression, striving daily to be strong enough to prevail and overcome these potentially drastic circumstances. Because we hold on so firmly to the codes we live by and to what we feel and know to be real to us, we will have to learn the ways of fortitude in order to survive loneliness and long hours of isolation and solitary confinement.

And it is in these hours of confinement that we must use this time to study, learn, cultivate and know ourselves. True soldiers, under these circumstances, always find ways to take this time in solitary and treat it as an opportunity to educate and elevate themselves, and to keep their bodies combat-ready and their minds as sharp as hatori hanzo swords. It is known, without saying, that this time on “lock down”, is the time and place to get our minds right and our game tight.

And that’s exactly why you will always find me reaching out to a real soldier, passing him literature of his desire, which without a doubt beholds real gems of truth and knowledge so that he can use it to cultivate himself and take his growth and development to higher realms of thought and action. This is one of the many things that I do to keep the level of consciousness raised around here, because conscious people are real people, and do real things, and because I’ve found in my own life and experiences that consciousness is a savior. And passing out literature to all these different comrades also preserves the integrity and the realness of the codes and the principles we live by.

It’s deeper than that though; it’s an act of love and an act of solidarity. We are being buried alive in these graveyards, drowning in pools of stagnation and filth. Minds are wasting away in these hellholes, our lives are considered to be worthless to the majority of the people in society. Nobody cares about us, and so sometimes we find it hard to even care about ourselves.

So therefore, I will do what I can to improve the quality of life amongst my peers. We are basically all in the same situation. But some of us are surviving, and others are breaking weak and falling off and have gotten to the point of no return. So I’ve definitely got some good literature to pass out and some real conversation for a person in here who keeps the joy for life beating strongly inside of their determined hearts.

With the help of a couple of beautiful and compassionate friends on the outs, I have been able to accumulate boxes and boxes of good, insightful and empowering literature on almost all and any subject, and for all kinds of different people in here. My good, loyal friends on the outs have made copies for me of all these different materials and mailed them back in to me so that I can pass copies of all this literature out to all who crave this knowledge and to those who appreciate these gems being handed to them. When I see that someone appreciates the love I’ve dropped on them, I’ll recognize it for what it’s. worth and I’ll keep dropping love on them.

In this wretched world of perversion and predation we’ve got to rise above the madness, look out for each other and be real with each other, working together to overcome the daily destruction and oppression. These are real struggles and we’ve got to stick together through hard times, real recognizing real and steel sharpening steel. We’ve got to become more organized and dedicated to taking control of our own lives and finding positive solutions to deal with the negative aspects of our everyday realities. We’ve got to strive for bigger and better things. It’s about solidarity. It’s about love. It’s about respect for the integrity of what’s real, in regards to the survival of our existence, in this cold, lonely, wretched world…

With revolutionary love,
Coyote ABC-Nevada Prison Chapter
Sept. 15th, 2009

quote: “The radical, committed to human liberation, does not become the prisoner of a “circle of certainty” within which reality is imprisoned. On the contrary, the more radical the person is, the more fully he or she enters into reality so that, knowing it better, he or she can better transform it.

This individual is not afraid to confront, to listen, to see the world unveiled. This person is not afraid to meet the people or to enter into dialogue with them. This person does not consider himself or herself the proprietor of history or of all people, or the liberator of the oppressed; but he or she does commit himself or herself, within history, to fight at their side.”

Paulo Freire, from his book: “The pedagogy of the oppressed

From Coyote´s new Zine High Risk Potential. Also published on his site.

To Society: Isolation & prison abuse go hand in hand. It comes down to you, Society, to stop this

June 2010
Dear Society,

I´m writing in regards to Isolation and possible Human Rights violation. Which brings a very strong and enduring question to my mind: Do you consider us Convicts Human? Do you care or just give us an ear – a hollow ear?

I´ve been in and out of the system over ½ my life. I´ve been in the system almost 20 of my 36 years. I was there in the mid-late 80s when child abuse was a plague, not only in Society but within the System. I was there when – as an adult – they threw you in the Den and if / when you stepped out you were the wolf and they stabbed at you with spears of Contempt, Fear, Hate and all-round Disgust that you made it out alive. My whole life I´ve been shit on by Society´s indifference towards a small boy begging your help with a fat lip & black eye and a sister that still has nightmares at the age of 38.

So it was only natural I learned from you. Society that only cares to punish me for the occasional lashing out & taking away the proverbial stick and beating you back with it. Instead of caring enough to see my problems and be civilized with a man that has learned from his isolation, his societal perceived mistakes. Did anyone ask me?

There´s that word again. Ya know even the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay had yard time, cigarettes, coffee, their religion, top notch lawyers. And Society cried out about the abuses so loud the Most Powerful Men among you shut it down. Meanwhile in Your own Country, Your own freedoms are being taken away slowly, one at a time. And still you see us in priso with a Blind Eye, a Judgemental eye that we´re all Animals. But even the Dog you kick every day learns with time. Isolated Time – Time is endless here in 23/1 lockdown. Abuse is an ever present threat. Days turn to years.

I´ve been here in Ely State Prison Nevada for 11 years (12 years soon). I´ve been in isolation 9 of those. But I´ve only had a few months on an open yard. The level system only works for Bootlickers. I´ve done my time and did as they asked and still stayed in the cage. Sure I´ve stumbled now and then. But who among you can cast that stone? I´ve grown up (literally) in the System. I know another life, but it gets further and further away. I don´t cry about it anymore. I´ve thought about my stumbles every day. I´ve seen myself bare and made myself take a look in the mirror. These are only part of how I have grown to a man who knows who he is. Isolation has helped in that. But then that was several years ago. Now I just want some yard.

Isolation detaches you. Everything but “The Man” becomes a detachment – wives – loved ones – your mind – life. This is not like other prisons “hole”. This is a place I´ve known men to come in on a dirty U/A (urine test) from camp with 4-5 points stay for 18 months. A Maximum Security Prison with killers, rapists & yeah a fella on his 3rd DUI!

Or one with Burglary who got in a fight – denied parole and stayed another 5 years, because a cop spit on him & he spit back and was charged with assault & got 3 years more. Your Tax-paying Dollars at work folks.

Isolation does these things. All you see when you look out the window are the guards – who abuse you – threaten you and sometimes whoop your ass with the proverbial stick. Isolation & prison abuse are hand in hand here in Ely. You can do good and there´s no end. There´s no incentive. There´s nothing to work towards. There are 8 units here: one is open… until last month March/April 2010. Now only ½ Unit 8 is open at all time. That´s over 1,000 with their Rights being violated every day. 23/1 lockdown. But this isn´t bad, if they obeyed their own level system and rules. But I´m getting off track.

Isolation does that. Years and years of isolation brings about the same kind of behaviour & thinking only one description can be compared/applied. PTSD. It´s said it takes a man year to year (one year in Prison, one year on the Streets) to readjust to Society when released. For prisoners with 5 or more years of lockdown? Is there even a stat for that? Has anyone ever cared to check? How can I have a job interview when I haven´t had no conversation in 10 years? How am I suppose to react to other convicts (if I am ever on an open yard again), if I´m filled with so much anger from being locked down for so long?

Some of us lose our communication skills, our ability to engage in Human contact. Some have broken minds & spirits. The reward for telling on people is to go to an open yard – what kind of program is that? When a person not telling starts doing good. They come by with that stick – poke – poke – poke. “That´s another 2 years in the Hole for STG – Safety & Security – Pending Investigation.”

All it takes is one of us to mellow out & try to get out of this Prison. But for most like myself with Life… If I tell on people – hurt them – ruin their time – I can go to an open Yard. If not – the warden says I can get a chance when he dies, I die or he retires. I have not had a violent episode in 5 years. A cell extraction because a Rookie tried to yank my arms through the food slot and wrench them up in the air. That´s one of those times I took that stick and poked back.

The wardens say we can get change when we take them to court.

I point out a lot of these side issues because Mental Abuse is more present than any other. I do bad: I get my ass kicked. I do good: I get mind-fucked until I do bad. This is Ely State Prison. A tiny prison built in a valley 5 to 10 miles out of a tiny little town. And every officer that comes through that door is a part of these abuses and this continued Isolation. Because they either participate or look the other way. The ones that take part are encouraged by admin. to make certain inmates’ lives miserable.

One inmate was not fed for 3 days.

One inmate was pissed & spat on, kicked until his balls swelled to twice normal. Broken arm from being wrenched behind with handcuffs on. And left there, in cuffs for two days.

They (the cops) play games like opening the door a crack and letting it slam shut at intervals throughout the night.

Turning on the speaker and tapping or yelling into it all day.

Keeping you in the shower for several hours. They use yard and showers as excuses to threaten retaliation – shakedowns – no water out on Rec. yard (where they leave you for 3-4 hours), clamp down on shackles so you can barely walk. Sharpen the shackles so they cut into the ankle.

They regularly keep mail or give it to known sex offenders.

The nursing staff must know. How can a person plea for medical treatment and be ignored for days or “forever.” I was shot several years ago and had 86 pellet holes. No Aspirin, no Ibuprofen. I still have 22 pellets in me, 18 in my left arm alone.

It comes down to Human Dignity. It comes down to you… Society! I am not an Animal. But if you treat me like one long enough, don’t be surprised when I bite. Isolation for long periods stops being a tool & becomes a weapon. Isn’t my use of weapons what got me here? Yes. Then why is it okay for you to do it? What more do you want from me – you’ve already taken my life of liberty. But never my freedom. Never my self/worth. That you can not have. For if that day comes, Society, then you have truly broke me.

Pig Pin

Sent in to us in June of 2010. If you want to do something to make programs, rehabilitation and healing possible, let us know.

Request by a prisoner at ESP for help to get the Grievance Process sorted (in a Class Action Lawsuit)

This is an issue with a request that has a deadline : it has been expanded to November 24th 2010

Request by a prisoner at ESP for Affidavits and Grievances by other prisoners for a class-action lawsuit concerning AR 740 the Grievance Process

(We are posting this again to attract attention from family and friends of prisoners at Ely State Prison).

On May 11, 2010, Jeremy Allen Crozier filed a lawsuit against Defendants Jim Gibbons, Catherine Cortez-Masto, Ross Miller, Howard Skolnik, James Cox, E.K. McDaniel, Debra Brooks, Renee Baker and several caseworkers at Ely State Prison for Deficiencies in the Inmate Grievance Procedure, known as Administrative Regulation #740.

Furthermore, Plaintiff Crozier filed motion to treat this lawsuit as a class-action on behalf of all inmates at Ely State Prison. However, the Nevada Attorney General´s Office, on behalf of the Defendants, argues that this case cannot be treated as a class-action lawsuit, because no other inmate filed grievances, but Plaintiff Crozier.

As a result, the court will not treat this civil suit as a class-action unless numerous inmates immediately file Grievances, and Affidavits upon the Deficiencies in the Inmate Grievance procedure, and the practices thereof by the Defendants.

Some issues to consider regarding any possible deficiencies regarding the Grievance procedure include, but are not limited to:

– Staff do not bring the grievance box around
– Staff reading and responding to grievances before grievances are logged
– Grievances not date-stamped
– No investigations into inmate grievance claims regardless of merits
– All grievances are denied regardless of merit
– Grievance system used as either a sword, or shield against inmates depending on what benefits staff most
– Inmates have no to short time limits to file original grievance and appeals
– No criminal investigations unless approval by staff during the Inmate Grievance Process
– No definition, nor standard, for emergency grievances
– Untrained staff related to the grievance issue respond to grievances
– Retaliation by staff
– Grievances are sent to staff
– Attached evidence to grievances destroyed by staff and never returned to the inmate
– Same staff member who responded to original grievance will also respond to inmate grievance appeals.

If any of the above apply to Grievances you may have previously filed, or others you know, please file a new grievance listing each error, or injury, caused to you. You should always read Administrative Regulation #740 before filing any Grievance. Also, please take a few minutes to write an Affidavit to Plaintiff Crozier, or on his behalf, listing each Grievance error as so he can attach them to his motion for class-action, and appointment
of class counsel.

The NDOC loves to play games, and make the grievance process an insurmountable hurdle for inmates as we all know. In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that inmates and prisoners must completely comply with all grievance policies for the grievance to meet exhaustion requirements, which is mandated by the Nevada Revised Statutes for everyone. As a result, everyone should state in their grievance as a first sentence:

“My one grievable issue is that the NDOC and staff thereof do not follow department policies.”

Then go forth to list each error. Otherwise your grievance will be thrown out, or rejected for filing, upon ´too many issues.´

Most important: be sure to list any, and all injuries that you suffered, such as delayed medical treatment, deny in First Amendment Right to access the court, denial of legal material and so on, and so forth.

Issues to file on the Grievance are:

NDOC does not adhere to AR # 740 as my grievance issue (that must be their first sentence as Grievance).
Then state: Staff do not follow grievance response times, grievances are not date-stamped, staff retaliation for inmates filing grievances, evidence inmates attach to their grievances are destroyed by staff and never returned to the inmate, inconsistent grievance responses, no investigation into inmate grievance claims, all grievances are denied regardless of grievance claims and merit, unqualified staff respond to inmate grievances, no
emergency grievance definition, nor standard, grievance forms do not state instructions for filing an appeal, inmates do not receive staff responses, grievance files are kept confidential, grievance policies are unconstitutionally vague, grievance policies are not followed by staff, too many inmate grievances per responding staff to adequately and meaningfully handle, staff who answer original grievance also respond to inmate grievance appeals (any other reason also list). All claims cause undue risk of life, limb, property of the inmates.

Affidavits must state the same. Inmates can send all affidavits to address below (White Pine County Clerk) before August 31st 2010! So the deadline will be August 25th, to be safe.

Plaintiff Crozier filed his lawsuit in White Pine County Court, and he requested money damages for every inmate at Ely State Prison. This does not mean the court will award money damages, and the courts are not required to do so. However, the ACLU allowed the Defendants off easy and with no punishment for their actions in their Riker v. Gibbons civil lawsuit. Yet, all inmates have opportunity to keep the momentum against the defendants for every mis-step they took regarding the inmate Grievances, especially, upon all our medical Grievances.

Remember, we need all the Grievances and Affidavits possible, and encourage other inmates to take an hour to file both. Be sure to keep a copy of your Affidavits, because the NDOC loves to destroy them.

Send your affidavits to:

White Pine County Clerk,
801 Clark St.,
Ste # 4,
Ely, NV 89301

All Affidavits must contain in the upper left hand corner:
Case NR CF 1003012, Dept no. 2

Received per mail, dated June 24th and June 27th 2010, updated August 8th 2010.

It Ain’t Real No More, Homie

From: Coyote Calling, and published in his new Zine: High Risk Potential.

Nothing will change without bloodshed and sacrifices. We sit here wasting away in this wasteland, wondering how things got so bad, but nobody thinks about what we can do to make things better. It’s easy to put all the blame on the system and the pigs, but nobody wants to recognize their own role in this struggle, nobody wants to acknowledge that they are actually participating in this destruction, nobody wants to admit that they are actually contributing to the daily deterioration. I don’t see nobody standing up for what they have coming (their rights to be treated as a human being, with dignity, respect, fairness, justice, etc.), I don’t see anybody standing up for anything on a conscious or collective level. But I hear everybody always complaining about all the foulness that constantly goes on around here.

There are no George Jacksons around here, no Che Guevaras, no Bobby Sands around here. Everything I see out here in Nevada is fake, sorry and weak. Nobody wants to ride for a real cause, nobody wants to put their lives on the line or risk catching more time for this fakeness around here. Everybody wants to be a “gangster” but nobody wants to live by those codes, everybody wants to be “real” but they let fake and foul cats kick it, embracing these dudes knowing they’re no good and that they’re counter~productive to all that we are supposed to consider righteous and real.

Nobody wants to clean nothing up, taking care of the biz that needs to be taken care of. Nobody wants to fight the real fight, come together and take it to the real enemy. Everybody has all the excuses in the world, all the justifications for doing what they know in their hearts they ain’t supposed to be doing and then they want to go around trying to convince everybody that they’re real. Come on, man. Ain’t nothing real about none of this crap around here. Ain’t nobody dying for this, ain’t nobody in here killing for this, catching cases, making sacrifices, trying to push the envelope to make this better for “you and yours”, to preserve what’s real and reject all that’s not; the things that are hurting us and destroying us every day.

Things are foul ‘cuz we let it be foul. So if you let it get like this – or if you let it stay like this – then don’t complain about it, nobody respects that. The only thing people respect is action and the only thing that’s gonna change this is struggle and sacrifice, and people have to be wholeheartedly committed to seeking realistic solutions, going all the way, until we’ve got it right!
And so, until all of the so~called “real mothafuckas” start learning what “real” reallymeans, without trying to justify the bullshit, this is always gonna be sorry and weak, and all that you see, and everything you say you stand for is gonna be fake, until you start getting real for reals. Things won’t change if we sit back and do nothing. The oppression is real, the deterioration is real, the destruction and suffering and the atrocity are all real, but our response to it isn’t, our dedication and determination to changing it, is not real!!

Everybody needs to get their heads out their asses and get their priorities straight before we can do anything about this. We need to organize ourselves and our people (and each other) under real principles and do all that we can to uphold those principles to the fullest and with integrity. We need to uplift ourselves and others, school our younger comrades on some real concepts, educate our comrades, give them a revolutionary understanding too.

Show then how this is supposed to be, how things are supposed to be, how things are supposed to go down, lead by example and teach through actions, strive for real changes to make the quality of life better for “you and yours”, try to change the conditions of our confinement, bring our people out of their self, destructive and counter-productive mentalities and work to replace that with knowledge, understanding and amelioration. We need to stand up for what we have coming, for what’s right, respectable and real, not setting for no bullshit, and not letting our comrades get away with no bullshit, we have to be seriously committed in breaking them out of those weak, counter-productive mentalities, and we have to do what we can to help them help themselves.

Until we are ready to make real sacrifices, this will continue to be foul and it will keep getting worse. How can we call ourselves real when we’re allowing ourselves to live under all of this fakeness, accepting this foulness, man? There’s nothing real about this. That’s why I’m writing this piece, this is a wake’ up call! We need to wake up and get real.

Let’s strive for consciousness and truthful understanding, let’s take action and be committed to bringing significance and meaning to our lives. Let’s destroy all this old, watered down, weak stuff that we’ve been holding on to for so long, and that we thought was real and let’s build on top of a solid foundation and let’s organize around the fundamentals and principles of truth and betterment, full speed ahead with a revolutionary understanding, and let’s not falter from what we know is right. It’s gonna take a real level of struggle and sacrifice, doing whatever it takes as we strive for freedom, justice, respect and to be treated like we actually matter. This is about taking control of our own lives!

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling this, then get with the program. Don’t just sit back and say “Yeah, that’s real talk man, I feel that.” If you feel it, do it! Take direct action, take up this cause, start up your own cause, take up the struggle and organize people around this realness. Get it cracking, don’t wait for others to do it, but you must be the force that’s needed, the spark that ignites the fire as you try to burn this mothafucka down! Get it cracking, don’t wait comrade, do it now!!!

I’m just touching the surface, but everybody knows what I’m talking about. Everybody knows this ain’t real no more. So now it’s time to get real, it’s time to get it cracking on a serious note!

Coyote, 2010 Anarchist Black Cross Nevada Prison Chapter

Quote: “Organizing and teaching are the same. They both involve the question of how people learn things. They both involved dialogue. They both involve long-term commitment and perspective. They both involve people in changing their lives. And the teacher/organizer is always learning.” Mark Rudd, from his interview in Z Magazine, by Bill Nevins, entitled: “Fortunate Rebel Son”