Education: College Guild discontinues…

In our newsletter to the prisoners, we featured the College Guild as one of the small organizations that makes free non-traditional correspondence courses for prisoner students. Unfortunately, although this was not written on their website (visited again today, July 15 2010), they are not sending out courses anymore at this moment.
We are sorry to hear that!
Here is the email we received:

To the Nevada Prison Watch:

College Guild provides free non-traditional correspondence courses to prisoners throughout the United States and feature on your web site. We are getting many inquiries from prisoners in the State of Nevada. Unfortunately at the present time we are unable to accept any more students into our program and would be grateful if you could publish a note stating this. We hope the position might change in the new year.

Thank you.

CG Admin.

We received a very good explanation about this discontinuement later on:

“We are running out of funds. Everything we do is dependent on fund raising. We have a long wait list and hope to be able to accommodate those already on it. Maybe in the new year we will be able to take on more students.

We would love to be able to expand College Guild to cover everyone who would like to participate. We are looking for some major funding and have a few contacts out there. Any help or ideas you can offer would be gratefully received.”

So if you have ideas, money, etc, please contact the College Guild!