Another report of a beating of a handcuffed prisoner at Ely State Prison

Received by mail, June 2010

Dated and mailed 5-18-10
To all concerned parties

On 1-15-10 while incarcerated at Ely State Prison, I was assaulted while handcuffed by two Senior correctional officers (S.c.o. D. and S.c.o. S.) under the Watch of a ranked officer by the name of Lieutenant M. This is no surprise to me. The fact that both these S.c.o. weigh collectively 600 plus pound attacking me like vicious animals is no surprise to me. What is a surprise to me is that a lieutenant would disregard my safety and stand by and watch as I´m slammed for no reason, head first into the wall, my face busted and he does not intervene. I´m then slammed to the floor by both these 6ft plus 300 plus pounds individuals and repeatedly punched in the face by one while the other sits on my back with his hand holding my neck to the cold floor.

Now I probably should have seen this coming, because when the lieutenant approached my door and ordered for me and my cellmate to turn around so we could be cuffed up. I ask him before cuffing up. ´Where´s the camera?´ This arrogant lieutenant made a gesture pointing at his eyes and told me his eyes were the camera.

Not wanting to give those officers the opportunity to try and justify opening the door and beating me worse then they did when I had the handcuffs on, I complied and turned around and was cuffed up, which is when the beating took place. How IS THIS? How can these people continue to carry on with no regard for our lives and keep getting away with it?

PLEASE help me understand. Is this what they are hired for? To try and beat us into submission causing us to receive stitches, endure pain, all the while charging us hundreds of dollars for getting less than average at best of treatment for the injuries they inflict on us.

PLEASE SOMEBODY, ANYBODY: HELP! The life that you could help save might be that of one of your loved ones.

PS You know, there´s always a twist to a story. Well here´s the twist to mine. The lieutenant whom I speak of, who stood by and let those officers beat me while I was in handcuffs, is the same one who allowed officers to go in and beat inmates in Unit 4 of this same prison on January 31st, 2010. And the officer who was stabbed (S.c.o. S.) is the same one who just two weeks prior to this January 31st 2010 incident was one of the ones who the lieutenant stood by and watched and allowed to slam my face into the wall and repeatedly punch me in my face while my head was held down by another officer. Coincidence? NOT HARDLY. IMAGINE THAT!

Legal assistance needed if possible.

Damien Dennis
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301