We can win as one, using our intelligence

Received via mail

To those who are reading this I am a person confined physically, who is also trying to maintain my sanity in such a corrupt prison system in the state of Nevada. So I have chosen to speak out for every human being that´s enduring the same struggle I´m enduring. No matter what your in life is, whether it´s Left or Right behind these walls, we “all” walk the same, we all are of the same kind, we all are Brothers of the same struggles.

This letter is not to be viewed as a rewrite of history, but to bring about a better future/change. We here in Nevada State Prisons and Correctional Centers, like so many other prisons around the globe learn within ourselves as brothers of a never ending struggle, seek not to cause violence, we are trying hard not to go through such methods and remain brothers of a strong struggle, because we recognize the Administration/Institution motive towards causing destruction. The Administration / Institution is abusing the disciplinary system, that is designed for the safety and security of inmates´ rights and policies. The Administration / Institution abusing it in a way to quiet any questions we may have against the aggressive behaviour not only the correctional officers, but also the administration are participants.

We of the struggle truly believe that the administration is actively placing regulations that are designed to inflame conflict. Not only the tensions between inmates has started to rise, but also the relation between inmates and correctional officers are at an all time low.

Another death in custody

Now let´s direct our attention to the medical administration and their personnel. Yet another fellow Brother of the struggle has been subjected to poor medical treatment and neglect and as an end result claimed him of his life, due to poor judgement and negligence by medical personnel here at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC). The Brother who lost his life in this struggle is Robert E. Brown aka Brother Muteem. Robert E. Brown was found deceased May 1, 2010, at 1:47 PM in his cell at Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Unit 7A, the Hole to us inmates. A place known for the lost and forgotten.

No Love List

The Administration has extended their power, by denying us the right to purchase hygiene, food, clothes and appliances, while serving disciplinary time. Just recently a new AR which is AR733, AKA the “No Love List”, or “Nothing Coming List” was imposed, but each week it´s constantly being revamped by the prison administration. Just recently we were made aware of that we could no longer purchase certain hygiene items, which to many of us condemned individuals are a necessity, such as soap, lotion, shampoo & conditioner, baby oil and hair grease. Their reason for such actions is the safety of the correctional officers. For years those hygiene items have been sold, and there has not been a report of a correctional officer getting attacked with those items.

Nothing Coming List

Their next astonishment they acted on are the food: we are not allowed to purchase food or coffee. So how about our safety as Human Beings? A lot of us have health related issues such as Diabetes and other health problems that require food at a certain time of day or night, wouldn´t that be a threat to our safety? The list goes on, and on about the savage treatment we are receiving from the administration behind these walls, and there´s no valid explanation of why the prison administration are placing such regulations on us. That is why us people of many inmates must come together as a body of one and approach this fight and win this fight not with our fists, but with our intelligence: as long as there´s a fight that sheds blood, the struggle will continue to be a never-ending struggle. Put down the brooms and knives, etc, and go head on with our intelligence. We could be able to see light at the end of the cave. No matter what your walk in life was, no matter what your skin complexion is, we must realize that we are all as one behind these walls!

To all my readers out there, I am a brother of a never ending struggle, I am a brother who is tired of struggling, so let´s get it together, “Brothers.”

In Solidarity,
Marrio Moreland

Lovelock Correctional Center
1200 Prison Rd,
Lovelock, NV 89419

Write our Brother please! He will reply to all… thank you