I´d love to hear from anyone who shares my plight

John sent us his introduction, and we would like to share it with you.

It has been more than a decade for me stuck in this place of walls, violence and oppression, but I refuse to lose myself here. I haven´t allowed myself to give up. Survival is at the heart of me and even at my most vulnerable times, when hope seems absent, I rise. My message cannot die – Perseverance. This is an omnipotent force in my life that drives me and defines me… And I will always breathe the burning air of resistance, and seek change.

Every word I utter is a piece of me and everything I do comes from my soul – be it a physical act or one with my pen/voice. I count myself a member of the Code. There are not so many of us in any place at any given time and we need more brethren! I believe wholeheartedly in my cause grounded in realism and a desire to rise up, but I am oftentimes confined without recourse except to suffer my circumstances by myself. I can´t win alone wearing this uniform, never taken seriously or respected. I also know these things, and no obstacles tossed before me will stop me. I will always try!!

My cause is change and to climb from the gutters of humanity, but it is hard in here without help and I implore any in society who hears my pleas to take a step in the right direction to make a difference. It takes all to effect change, and to better this world. Awareness must be spread and our efforts unified under common goals. I need you whoever you are – inside prison or outside. Take a stand with me…

Until I lay in a box to rot, this body will fight the mechanisms of adversity. I will still choose my battles and nothing here will be strong enough to hold the truth back, because I will make it known in every venue I´m given.

I rarely dwell on the minutiae of my life or things I cannot change. I am not depressed or derailed by constraints. I do not fall victim to hopelessness or allow authoritative words conform me. Prison has never been able to subdue my heart and soul or imprison my purpose. I refuse to let it and no matter how long or short my future is, I will live each day the best I can, trying to help others who want to do the same, because a day of life is a gift and may turn into the best day of our entire existence. I just patiently await that day that will come – never fearing it. I am tired of the faces that turn away from us when we suffer humiliation and degradation like a third world country. We are supposed to be civilized. Yet, our destinies will visit us heedless of our circumstances and we cannot stop it – only prolong the inevitable. I don´t try to interfere, I embrace it and strive for things to be better for me and those worthy to walk beside me.

This place has also helped me. Being shut away and shut away by humanity has both matured and strengthened my resolve. I´ve seen the worst of the worst as well as the best most – loyal comrade. In them lived the seed of revolution and a heart of solidarity. I know it also lives outside prison and I need help in finding it. For, I embrace any siblings of these things and seek any waving that banner of change… My Fight is everyone´s Fight…

I speak these words in the hope a kindred spirit or advocate of my message hears me. I wish to continue to learn and spread culture / understanding / code of honor. And I want others to learn so that we can reshape the world! Lend a hand and be informed. Let me reach out to others in here and out there. I am an activist of many words / ideas and this is my greatest medium. I am trying to do more than exist!

With my Freedom stolen from me so early, it has become my quest to learn and know solidarity. Now, at 31, I believe I´m a rock of truth / discipline. I am often called “hardened”, but I stand up for everything I believe in. I hide nothing with tactics and am what I am…

I´d love to hear from anyone who shares my plight and wants to help me in my goals. I want to think beyond conformity and complacency to try to help others do the same… Please contact me:

John Neff, #54213
P.O. Box 1989,
Ely, NV 89301