New warden named at Nevada State Prison

January 22, 2009

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – Greg Smith, whose 22 years working in Nevada’s prison system has included stints as an administrator and public information officer, has been named acting warden of Nevada
State Prison.

Smith replaces Bill Donat, a state Corrections Department staffer since 1976, who will retire Jan. 30.

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Donat was praised by Corrections Director Howard Skolnik for helping to meet department goals and leading the prison system to “financial responsibility.” But a representative of prison employees said he’s glad to see Donat leave.

Read more here… , and in the Nevada Appeal (see comments), and and also read these comments here (I copy them here in case they are moved):

Another case of “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

The only one missing him will be that scumbag Skolnik.


This article is incomplete. Donat’s replacement has been appointed. Greg Smith, now Warden Smith, another 400 to 500 pound barnyard hog, to go along with his buddy at Ely State Prison, Warden McDaniels. Could you imagine trying to feed these two calorie burners on $2.17 a day like the inmates have on their plate?

Director of prisons, Howard Skolnut, has in his employ some of the most arrogant, brutalizing & despicable clowns this state could possibly dig up from under a rock–as wardens for the prison system.

What bothers me is that few citizens speak out and permit this type behavior to continue. Most know this brutality exists and duck their heads rather than correct it, or demand from their legislators–this brutalizing stupidity stops.

We all know this is an unpopular subject, but folks, this treatment is brought from those iron gates to your front yard when the inmates are released. Very seldom is a fairly treated inmate leaving prison, come out with hatred in his heart and punishes the first person he sees
standing in front of him.

How can an inmate think you all deserve his hatred? Well, your tax dollars permit this brutalizing warehousing to continue by correctional staff. Folks, you get what you pay for…

Demand your tax dollars go towards schooling, trade-training, plus drug & alcohol treatment programs and other meaningful life skills. An inmate locked away in a hole 24/7 is never going to be the correctional answer for reform.

We all know that, but yet–we still close our eyes as to what prison treatment is doing to our misbehaving citizens, and then, we all wonder why these men & women act so negatively when released.

All the above won’t stimulate most, and in your best interest folks, seek better answers, but this state is foundering in stupidity and money woes. Do you think a half billion of your hard earned tax dollars in the next two years could be better spent on schools, mental health and seniors?

Speak up, or your next tax bill may have you selling your home to pay that tax bill. Release the non-violent & minimum custody inmates & get rid of the brutalizing prison administrators,who have made a career out of tricking the public into believing the job they are doing is the only way to successful rehabilitation and is in your best interest.

Get rid of the present parole system as we know it, and replace it with a better plan, and totally call for an audit of the prison system. Until then, you are just their continuing sucker.

geezelouise, you’ve got it right, again.