New allegations against Ely Max

This is an article published on May 11th, 2008 in Coyote-TV, by the High Desert Advocate. The full article can be read here.

New allegations about inadequate medical care at the maximum security prison in Ely may take the case to a whole new level, said ACLU attorney Alan Lichtenstein.

“If they are true we are moving beyond simple negligence to malfeasance and perhaps criminality,” the ACLU lawyer said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

Contained in a declaration to the Nevada Public Defender by former ESP Registered Nurse Lorraine Memory Wilkins, Wilkins maintains that even the most basic medical care was purposely denied to some inmates resulting in the deaths of at least two.

The declaration published in this edition of the High Desert Advocate, further asserts that the now suspended Chief Medical officer Dr. Stephen MacArthur would intentionally provoke inmates with racial and/or religious insults and when the inmate became combative would use their reaction as reason to suspend medical care.

Wilkins further contends that the administration at Ely Max turned a blind eye to the Chief Medical Officer’s actions and took no action to remedy the situation.

The declaration to the public defender is part of Wilkins unjust termination lawsuit filed last month in federal district court.

The suit alleges that Wilkins was fired after she complained to prison official about MacArthur’s personal and professional conduct.

Fired in 2006 Wilkins first pressed her claims at the state and then at the Federal offices of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

Earlier this year the Federal EEOC issued Wilkins a letter finding that she had grounds to file a wrongful termination suit.

Wilkins suit gives strong support to a suit filed earlier last month by the American Civil Liberties union on behalf of five ESP inmates that claim they and others were being denied medical care even to the point of death. …….